Mindfulness in corporate settings and workplace mindfulness programs have been introduced to numerous organizations are recognized for its benefits in the areas of self-regulation, increased awareness, emotional intelligence, improved decision making, focus and productivity.

Distracted and disengaged employees are costing American businesses upward of $600 billion per year, and it is leading to vicious cycles of employee dissatisfaction.

Let us help you increase employee engagement and decrease spend on lost productivity due to distractions.

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What we offer:

  • In an interactive, hands-on format, we will provide a fun, engaging and effective course for mastering mindfulness in the workplace.

  • One-hour custom designed workplace mindfulness programs for your organization

Select from the following modules:

  • I AM Mindfulness

  • I AM Present

  • I AM Focus

  • I AM Awareness

Benefits of using workplace mindfulness programs:

  • Dramatically improves employee stress management, making them better able to deal with challenges created by workloads, deadlines and interpersonal conflict.

  • Creates greater mental clarity and focus, upgrading capacity for critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Improves awareness of thought processes and the emotions they trigger, enabling more effective emotional regulation and resilience.

  • Unleashes capacity for innovation and creativity.

  • Supports a more panoramic perspective, better able to manage change.

  • Enriches appreciation of the greater meaning and purpose in what we do

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