Outward Self was created to connect with individuals, communities and companies to help expand consciousness, through minimizing distractions and building confidence while creating focus. We share mindfulness practices and I AM affirmations to help you live a life freedom.

We all have that inner desire to live a life of freedom but the challenge comes in understanding the necessary steps to take in order to achieve that inner desire.

Outward Self connects you to the process of being mindful  and I AM Affirmations so you can begin projecting your inner self Outward.

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Dawn Ali is the Founder of Outward Self, she has committed her life to spiritual, mental, social, and physical growth. She helps individuals break through barriers by empowering them to be confident in who they are in order to release their inner self and project out into the world. This commitment allowed her to develop belief, ambition, and uncompromised faithfulness that we were placed on this earth to help others reach their potential.

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